It’s All in the Details

Uschi sprawled out on my office floor

Uschi is proving to have one major similarity to both my previous guides: she has a lot of personality. And while it hasn’t even been a full two weeks since she bounded into my life, I’m learning quite a bit about that personality of hers, among a number of other things.

In fact, one such discovery was made this very morning. Since her arrival, Uschi’s shown an extraordinary lack of interest in her food. Jason suggested crating her and she is much better about eating when crated; however, I’m not particularly fond of this as an ultimate solution. It’s an added step for me at mealtimes and her crate is lined with blankets which will no doubt become soiled far quicker. And, frankly, I’d prefer her to eat when her food is put down rather than require some additional aid  to stimulate her to eat.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that, much like Yara, she gravitates to the rugs in the dining and living rooms to eat treats or chew on her bones. This morning I watched her as she ate her kibble; she would eat a few mouthfuls at her bowl and then sometimes she’d wander off to the dining room with a mouthful and proceed to eat it out there . . . and then I watched her go back and forth between the two throw rugs in the kitchen while chewing on a mouthful of food. So, I turned the food bowls so they are now parallel to the counter, giving her the entire length of the rug there to stand/lie on and she was happy enough to remain there and finish her breakfast.

This comes as quite a relief to me; I doubt I could handle another dog that waged a longstanding battle with her food.


  1. Gosh, she’s SO cute! I’m glad you figured out something that works for mealtimes.

  2. This is pretty funny. My GSD Wilma will gladly grab a treat and carry it into another room to munch on.

  3. She’s so pretty. I’m glad you found a simple fix to get her to eat.

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