Delicious in Red

Yesterday was quite the productive day for me. I vacuumed. I did laundry. I did a LOT of dishes. I watched Salt. I groomed the pooch, including the dreaded task of clipping her nails.

Tray of cupcakes decorated as red apples

Oh, and I also made cupcakes for Alice and Josh because they are awesome and they not only pre-registered me for next year’s Dragon*Con but got me this.

The cupcakes are red velvet with cream cheese frosting as Alice mentioned that was her favorite. I was torn between a few different designs so that actually helped to decide what to make. According to the book, this was an easy design and it was by the standards of sheer simplicity. Perhaps if I wasn’t using cream cheese frosting they would have been less tedious to decorate since the frosting was anything but firm. I am aware that the leaves are yellow, but green candy seems to be nonexistent in the Capital District.

Anyway, Alice and Josh came over for dinner tonight and even though we all stuffed ourselves beyond reason I think a pleasant evening was had by all. Including Miss Yara who charmed her way into a three person game of fetch wherein she chose which of us would have the honor of tossing her ball. There was much food and good conversation and now I am a tired me.

Off to bed!


  1. Those look Awesome!!

    • They were surprisingly simple, aside from the cream cheese frosting which I strenuously advise against using. In structure, they’re pretty similar to the holiday ornaments we said we might make next time I visit.

      Speaking of, you need to call because I have so much to catch you up on! Among which, I’m pretty sure that I can come over for CRIDDERS, barring guide dog training. (And on that, depending when they call I can probably fudge the dates a bit to allow for it anyway.)

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