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Bad News v. Good News: the School Edition

The Bad: I am totally shut out of graduate classes for the fall. At least so far in any that will advance me through my degree. And since it’s been seven years since I took the GRE, my scores are no longer available and thus I have to sit for them again. At $160. Ugh.

The Good: Hunter College is a definite go for the spring. Still a bit iffy on whether I’ll be non-degree or fully in the rehab teaching program as yet. [EDIT: Finally talked with an academic advisor and it looks to be that I’ll be going non-matric for the spring and applying for entrance into the fall semester of next year.] But application period doesn’t end until October so I’m far from worried. Also, I decided to take some Braille courses through The Hadley School to refresh my skills since I won’t be in class over the fall semester, which just beefs up my application to Hunter that much more.

In Conclusion: I am fully excited and very pleased. I won’t say I’m glad that UALR and UB have made my graduate career a nightmare, but at least things are working out quite well.