Last Vet Visit

Saturday Yara had what was hopefully her last visit to Parkside Vet. Because she was still suffering from her allergic reaction last month when she had her annual checkup, I didn’t fast her and have the blood work done that was needed for some of the tests we wanted done.

Since her diagnosis in November 2008, Yara hasn’t had her TLI, folate or B12 levels checked. Her vet just called and informed me that, obviously, her TLI level shows that she’s EPI. But her folate is normal and her B12 is at 228, which while quite lower than normal is still significantly higher than it was when she was diagnosed. Given that she weighed in at 64 lbs, the highest she’s ever weighed, and is doing so well, the vet and I both agree that B12 injections aren’t necessary for her unless she starts exhibiting severe EPI symptoms or drops her weight drastically again.

So, basically, yay!


  1. That is absolutely wonderful! Now you can keep her and move to FL!!!!

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