Bad News v. Good News: the School Edition

The Bad: I am totally shut out of graduate classes for the fall. At least so far in any that will advance me through my degree. And since it’s been seven years since I took the GRE, my scores are no longer available and thus I have to sit for them again. At $160. Ugh.

The Good: Hunter College is a definite go for the spring. Still a bit iffy on whether I’ll be non-degree or fully in the rehab teaching program as yet. [EDIT: Finally talked with an academic advisor and it looks to be that I’ll be going non-matric for the spring and applying for entrance into the fall semester of next year.] But application period doesn’t end until October so I’m far from worried. Also, I decided to take some Braille courses through The Hadley School to refresh my skills since I won’t be in class over the fall semester, which just beefs up my application to Hunter that much more.

In Conclusion: I am fully excited and very pleased. I won’t say I’m glad that UALR and UB have made my graduate career a nightmare, but at least things are working out quite well.


  1. Glad you got this all sorted out, and also glad to hear you decided to take Braille classes to occupy your time this Fall. I’m sure that will help keep you in “study” mode.
    I feel your pain about the GRE. It’s been about seven years since I last took it too, but at least one of the grad programs I’m looking into doesn’t require it.

    • I’m happy that it worked out so well. I was really worried that I was pretty much out of luck until next fall since most programs don’t start in the spring. Looks like Hunter is going to be a very good choice for me.

      I’m also pretty psyched about the Braille courses. I took formal lessons as a kid but since I don’t really read or write Braille I know I’m not nearly as speedy as I could be and this is far more productive than forcing myself to read a Braille book just because or something.

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