June 14, 2010

I’d hoped that Yara’s allergy issue would get better, but over the last few days I was noticing a few raw areas on her back legs and tail from biting herself from the itchiness. At first, I wasn’t too worried, but this morning her whole rear end was very red and raw. So, I took her to the vet and spent a staggering amount of money to find out that the sores on her legs that I’d initially dismissed were actually the more serious ones. She’s on an antibiotic to fight the infection and the vet also gave me some antiseptic spray for the wounds and a stronger anti-histamine. She seems pretty wiped from the allergy medicine, which worries me a bit with working her. I figure I’ll give her the medicine before bed so she sleeps and doesn’t gnaw on herself while I’m asleep and can’t stop her. And maybe a dose in the morning if she seems itchy; hopefully, that will be early enough to not kick in until we’re safely at work.

That is, of course assuming I have work to go to tomorrow. As it stands the state budget has still not passed nor has an emergency spending bill. If neither of these pass before midnight tonight, the state will shut down as of tomorrow. In all likelihood, mine will be among the positions not required to work. I’m pretty freaked about it, especially given the unexpected vet bill of this morning.

EDIT: The Legislature passed an emergency appropriations bill, so state services will continue as normal. Phew.


  1. Mardi Hadfield says:

    I had a problem with my guide dog’s allergies. He is also a Shepherd and lost almost of his hair,and was constantly biting and scratching himself.My vet determined that it was an inhalation allergy and not a food allergy. I now give him fish oil in his food every day and the occasional Benadryl and his hair grew back and he is doing great now. He is a semi-long hair Shepherd and looks beautiful again,and his allergy is now under control. I buy human grade fish oil caps and poke a hole in them with a pin and squeeze the oil into his food. Hope this helps. Have a great day, Mardi and Shaman

    • I’m not entirely certain what the allergy is from. Seems consistent with visits to my grandparents so my vet and I both believe that it’s something there. She ended up getting over the itchiness and stuff before and didn’t have any issues until this last visit so I’m not really concerned.

      As for your treatment suggestions; thank you. Yara already has salmon oil and Vitamin E in her meals and she’s also sprayed with Miracle Coat about every other day. I don’t really want to add more fish oil to her diet given the fat content since she suffers from EPI and we’ve just switched to a different food that has a slightly higher fat content than she was on before.

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