Birthday Loot

I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m 31. I don’t think I ever really got used to being 30 even, but this just feels surreal. Anyway, I’m not one to lament growing old nor am I big on boasting about the things people gave me. But I haven’t posted in awhile — even though I do have a bunch of things to blog about — because I’ve felt like crap for the last week or so. And I have wanted to share this one gift from Zach:

Plush black-and-tan German shepherd wearing a brown leather guide dog harness

GDUI used to have a catalog of merchandise, including plush guide dogs in harness like this. But awhile back they stopped selling most everything. Raechel was actually the one that alerted me to this when her husband had tried to get one for her. So after a bit of sleuthing I got the information for the toys and harnesses and bought her one. (And one for Kimberly, who is currently in training with her new guide dog at GDF.) In doing so I sort of fell in love with this divine plush GSD from Douglas Cuddle Toy and Zach being the awesome guy he is snatched it up for me.

Thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes and thoughtful gifts and cards! Yara and I both truly appreciate them. Well, probably Yara only cares about the things for her but she hasn’t said so specifically.


  1. Now that is just plain adorable :)

  2. How cute!

  3. Oh my gosh that is adorable, where did he ever find the mini guide dog harness? I remember seeing them a long time ago in the GDUI cataloge but haven’t seen them since.

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