After her incident with the hot spots, I’ve been keeping a very careful eye on Yara to see if I could pinpoint whatever had given her the reaction. But aside from the few days or so before I noticed her sores, she’s never been excessively itchy.

Over the weekend at my grandparents’ we all couldn’t help but notice how much Yara was sneezing. And, thinking back, I realized she did have quite a few sneezing attacks at Raechel’s. I’ve always found her sneezes rather comically loud, but these were literally attacks of four or more in a row. I mentioned as much to Nanny, who immediately offered that she might be allergic to cats. I couldn’t help but giggle, since it wasn’t so long ago that I broke out in hives from a cat allergy.

I still don’t know if that is the specific allergy she’s having. But now that we’re home, I’ve noticed that she seems very itchy. Granted, as with every long stay at my grandparents’, I’m very bitten up and assume Yara is as well. So, it could just be that. Though, I kind of doubt it since she seems to be exceptional itchy in those usual thump-her-foot sweet spots all dogs seem to have. And not only was she treated with coat spray before our visit, I also can’t find any bites.

Either way, I put in a call to the vet today to see if she has any suggestions. I did treat her with some Miracle Coat, hoping that would relieve some of her itchiness and any rawness she might be developing from scratching. Poor thing. At least she seems to have stopped with the near-constant sneezing.

In related news, I’m definitely reacting to the cats: I’ve broken out in a very nasty rash (though, they aren’t hives . . . at least not yet) and my head is fully congested. Add to this the one zillion and two bites I acquired both inside and outside during our stay at Nanny and Poppy’s and I’m rather miserable.


  1. My sympathies about the allergies :( And in the summer, too, when thousands of possible allergies are already hovering in the air, waiting to strike…

  2. Wilma tends to get some hotspots near her tail in August – one year she had to have antibiotics and steroids and get her butt shaved, it was very embarrassing for everyone. For the past couple of years, I start giving her benadryl (with peanut butter) in mid-July and go through September – no problems anymore.

    As always, check with the vet like you said; this was my old vet’s recommendation for us and it’s been working well.

    • I haven’t really noticed an issue with allergies before aside from back in December when Yara had some very severe hot spots on her rear. She ended up on antibiotics and steroids as well and had to be shaved. (Can’t believe how long it took for her fur to grow back; if you know where the sores where, you can still see the fur isn’t entirely back yet, too.)

      My vet actually suggested a different otc allergy pill since Benadryl would most probably make her very drowsy. Given she’s a working dog, we want to avoid that if possible.

  3. So sorry you two are having allergy issues. allergies suck! Mine are at their worst here on class, but so far no nosebleeds reacting to my new dog. i like your new template too.

    • Not to say that I’m not suffering — because believe me I am — but I feel worse for Yara; she’s just miserable with all the itchy.

      And thank you! I rather like the design. For one, it’s grunge! But also, given the color scheme, it’s actually one that I’m able to see pretty much like anyone else. :)

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