Walking for Fidelco

Ellen and James with Otis in his backpack carrier letting Spock say helloOur intention this morning was to get an early start to the day so as to arrive at the Walk for Fidelco in time for the Fosters’ Demo so that Raechel and Yancy could participate. The plan was to get to Manchester Community Collge at 9:00 a.m., so of course we didn’t get out the door until ten minutes after that. I find this laughable given that James and I got up half an hour before we’d said we would to accomplish this “getting to the Walk early” thing. Oh, well. Best laid plans and all.

We packed ourselves into the Prius with Yara, Yancy and Otis. At MCC, we met up with Patty and Tom at the registration table where I picked up my Walk stuff. Since we didn’t have much time before the Fosters’ Demo, we decided to walk the route afterwards and instead kind of wandered around a bit. Raechel and James met up with Ellen and Spock quite by accident while browsing around some of the tables and booths.

Raechel heeling Yancy during the fosters' demenstrationThen Raechel and Yancy went off to join the queue of fosters for the demonstration. I actually hadn’t seen the demo the last two times for various reasons, so I was glad when Patty found us a spot very close to the front for us to stand and watch. As it turns out, this year there was a huge number of fosters participating and they had to double up the circle to walk around the ring. The fosters went through basic stuff they do in puppy class: heeling, sits, downs, body handling, etc. Then, Sue had them switch puppies, which I’m sure is nerve-wracking enough with a small puppy class. But it seemed to go rather well. She also had a bunch of the fosters do some recalls and all of those went surprisingly well. (Ok, so the last person kind of tackled her dog who was veering off to someone else for whatever reason.) It was pretty neat to watch. :)

Afterward, we were going to watch the Trainers’ Demo, but got sidetracked a bit when Raechel and James came upon another foster puppy they’d raised, Neelix. He’s retired from guide work now, but Fidelco has been using him for demonstrations and stuff. And his new family said they’ll be getting him certified as a therapy dog. I have to say he’s nothing like the puppy I’d heard of; first he’s HUGE and second he was so very calm. It was good to hear Fidelco found him such a good home. So, after that we decided to walk through the route. Since it was so late into the walkathon we were basically alone through the route, which was actually quite pleasant. I think I got a bit sunburned on my forehead, though. But what can you do? For lunch we ended up getting takeout from a little pizzeria and brought it back to MCC to eat. We sat at some tables outside since we had Otis with us. It was quite yummy.

Yara leaping over Yancy who is on her back while Nerys chases themBack at the house we gave all the doggies their lunches and then took Dasha, Nerys, Yancy and Yara out in the pen to play. For the most part the four of them seemed to be under the impression that we’d taken them out there to graze, but eventually they all started to run around and be crazy. Poor Nerys kept being left out while the bigger girls chased each other, but she didn’t seem to mind and took every opportunity available to bite either of the other dogs in close proximity. In the case of Yancy, who often throws herself onto the ground while playing, she got chewed on quite a bit!

A very fun day and I’m so glad that the original forecast from earlier this week that it would rain was very much not true. I’m off to Sleepsville and so I leave you with many a photo to peruse.

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