Tea Time!

Yara curled up inside Otis's small crate with Otis and Scarlet off to the sideTo the left is a most interesting photo that I took this morning. For no reason I can really determine — other than blatantly disregarding me telling her “no” — Yara crammed herself into the very small crate belonging to Raechel’s pug, Otis. Honestly I can’t believe she could fit herself in there, let alone manage to turn around. But she did. Initially she was going after his water bowl, which I’m sure was empty since Dasha generally cleans out any leftover water from Scarlet’s and Otis’s bowls. I was telling her to stop since Otis was right there and has a tendency to go berserk for, well, no reason we can discern other than a personal whim. Oh, and for the record, Scarlet and Otis aren’t looking so much at Yara as they are at James (out of the shot) who is preparing doggie breakfasts. Anyhow, it was pretty funny.

So, after everyone was sufficiently breakfasted, we had the puppies and Yara play in the kitchen. Nerys ended up getting some major enjoyment with a flipped over dog bowl and I don’t even have words for how ludicrously cute it was. Here’s a video:

Later, Raechel, James, Deb (Raechel’s mom) and I had brunch at Mrs. Bridge’ Pantry, which is an English-style tea room. It was FANTASTIC! I had some jasmine tea with tomato and cheese tea sandwiches and a blueberry scone; it was all very delicious. Yancy and Yara were both very good and stayed under our chairs with absolutely zero fuss. They actually caught the attention of two girls from another table, which started a lengthy conversation about guide dogs in general. Raechel and I also checked out the two little stores on the property and found a bunch of vintage candies at the one. Not surprisingly, Yara didn’t give a fig about the candies, even though most were right at her level. Have I mentioned lately how much I heart having a guide that isn’t obsessed with food?1

James with Nerys held up on his shouldersBack at the house we had the puppies and Yara play outside in the pen. And then again in the kitchen, this time joined by Dasha. She and Yancy were playing for a bit while Yara sat near me and just watched. Then she ran up to Yancy and just clubbed her with a front paw. It was pretty funny. I said later that I think maybe she was telling Yancy to respect her elders! Either way, I’ve noticed that she’s letting Yancy and Nerys play more and just sits and watches for a bit before she interrupts and separates them to play with one or the other. Her supervisor ways just amuse me to no end.

That’s about it for today. Very fun times, but now it is time for bed! More pictures are here on this gallery page.

  1. Well, aside for her temperamental approach to eating her food.

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