Puppy Class for One

We were super busy today running here and there. First, we had puppy class and a trip to Fidelco for a shot for little Nerys. And by “puppy class,” I mean a class of just her, since she’s an only pup and rather removed from the other litters. We had initially thought it best to leave Yara back at the house, since the puppy is so very distracted, but it ended up being very chilly and overcast so we ended up taking her and leaving her in the car while we walked Nerys around for the outdoor “class.” I actually went to a similar type “class” last year for Yancy. It’s basically a quick walk around the area so Sally can observe how the puppy is doing and talk about any issues and what things the foster has exposed their puppy to.

Nerys in a crate in the back of a Fidelco vanAfter, we headed to Fidelco for Nerys’s shot and then left her in a crate at the school since we wanted to grab a quick lunch at Three Brothers. We did go inside quickly to drop off my very battered harness handle that I had replaced recently. Nerys was a bit concerned when we exited the school, but when we returned she was lying down peacefully. We ran back into the school quick to get food for Nerys and Yancy and headed back to the house to feed Nerys and Yara their respective lunches. Then Raechel and I took off for a quick trip to the library for passes to Mystic for Thursday.

Dasha, Otis, and Yara sleeping in the kitchenWe ate dinner and then headed out to grocery shop with James and Yancy. First we went to BJ’s, which I always find exhausting just because the store is just so big and filled with so very much stuff. The dogs were very good, though. And the majority of the time we spent in the store was actually taken up at the Verizon kiosk to make what probably was a simple change to Raechel and James’s account. Next, we stopped at Big Y to get a few other things we couldn’t really get at BJ’s where it was becoming very noticeable that we were all tired and cranky. Finally, finally, finally we got home and I am off to happily collapse into bed.

Oh, but first, here’s another adorable video of Nerys playing with a metal dog bowl — and Yancy and Yara watching her:

Tomorrow is cupcake fun and other cooking adventures. Until then, pictures are here on this gallery page and I’m for sleep!

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