Monday Madness

Vacations are a funny thing. Somehow being on one, even if you aren’t going anywhere, puts you into some limbo of time wherein you can never quite figure out what the day of the week is. Even if you are vividly aware of the date because, for instance, your birthday is three days away.

Yancy shoving her head between the legs of a lawn chair Nerys is under, as Yara looks onBut moving on, the big event for today was heading off to the mall in Manchester to get my glasses fixed and meet up with Megan, the instructor who placed Yara with me. Beforehand, though, we’d had the puppies and Yara play for a bit. At one point Nerys and Yara were tugging on a chew toy and it was just too adorable for words. See for yourself:

I’m always very impressed with how well Yara plays with puppies and/or smaller dogs. Even though she’s fully capable of roughhousing and giving a real tug of war, she tones it down for the puppies and mostly just stands there and lets the smaller dog tire herself out. It just cracks me up.

Yara and Nerys in a tug-of-warWe met up with Megan at the mall later in the afternoon. It was very awesome to see her and catch up. Not surprisingly, we talked quite a bit about puppy raising and dog training. At some point we wandered over to Dairy Queen and got some Oreo sundae things. They were huge and I barely touched mine it seemed. The dogs were both very good. Yara spent most of the time people watching and Yancy just slept. Before we knew it, though, FOUR HOURS had gone by and we’d been completely oblivious to it. Megan left to feed her dogs soon after and Raechel and I rushed Yara and Yancy outside to relieve and then finally went to LensCrafters to get my glasses fixed. We ended up waiting a long time for someone to be free, but she did the adjustments and replaced my nose-pieces for free so yay for that. Then we grabbed some food quickly at the food court and raced home to give both girls their very late dinners.

Considering my day consisted of hanging out at the house and chatting at a mall, I’m ridiculously tired. But feel free to check out the growing number of photos we’ve taken. More tomorrow!

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