“It’s still my birthday!”

As previously mentioned, today’s my birthday. Last year, after Raechel, James and I had spent the day at Sturbridge Village we’d made plans to go to Mystic Aquarium for this year’s trip. And so that was how the majority of our day was spent after all the assorted dog things were taken care of and I’d opened my presents1.

Yara very intently watching the sea lion show

After getting our passes, we decided to check out a bit of the indoor aquarium before heading off to the sea lion show. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse aquatic life is, even just the number of different fish there are. At the sea lion show we were asked to sit a few rows back. I couldn’t see too much during the show, but James basically videoed the entire show.2 (We just got through looking at the videos and photos he took and I’m very thankfully for the digital age.) On the other hand, Yara definitely could see everything and was very much interested. In fact, there was a part where the largest sea lion, Cocoa, came up onto the walkway in front of the bleachers and went passed most of the crowd and Yara was a bit taken aback. Otherwise she very contentedly watched; while, Yancy basically slept through the whole thing. At least until Surfer, the second largest sea lion, started barking a lot.

Yancy checking out a tank of burrfish

Both of the dogs were somewhat curious at the different tanks of fish and other aquatic life. Though, in Yara’s case children were of a much more important interest. She did jump up and put her feet on the wall over top of a sea lion tank. James kept trying to get her down and she very insistently kept hopping back up and putting her paws on the top of the wall.

Me, Yara and Patty by a statue of emperor penguins

Anyway, after the sea lion show, we met up with Patty and wandered around the outdoor aquariums. We saw some more sea lions and frogs and tadpoles and beluga whales. And, of course, the penguins, which pretty much made my entire birthday. Then we stopped for a snack and chatted a bit before Patty headed out. After, we went back inside to check out the rest of the tanks and then Raechel and I wandered around the gift shop. So many cute things for sale! I ended up getting myself a little perpetual motion thing that has two penguins on it and some ridiculously cute note cards with different emperors on them. Among other things, of course. :)

Penguins swimming

As we were headed out of the aquarium, Tom drove up and we all got to say a quick hi. Well, mostly Yara. But it was still very awesome to see both of Yara’s fosters again. Then we walked through the little village of shops and restaurants. We ate at one that Raechel and James were familiar with and I had a lobster grilled cheese sandwich. We also visited this cute pet shop and picked up some biscuits for all the doggies. I was very shocked and pleased that they had wheat free ones that Yara could have!

Now my feet are nice and blistered, probably from walking so much in sandals I haven’t worn in almost a year. But I still had a super fun time and am absolutely bushed. Raechel and I decided that next year we’ll take a trip to The Book Barn, which sounds very exciting. Yay for books! Anyway, as you probably gathered, there were a LOT of photos taken today! Check them out here on Flickr if you please.

1. An origami crane necklace and the entire Wolfwalker series (one of Raechel’s personal favorites).
2. Apologies that you can’t see the entire thing because Flickr truncates video playback.


  1. Matt Finnigan says:

    I grew up in East Lyme – you’ll love the Book Barn. They buy books too, so if you bring stuff to get rid of, you can get store credit.

    Oh right – should introduce myself. I found your Flickr profile by doing a search for Fidelco – I’m a former foster parent and I have Wilma, a 5-year-old who was dropped for a minor problem with her esophagus. We live in Boston now, and we attended the Walk here this past weekend.

    • Hi Matt! Thanks for visiting!

      Yeah, I’m pretty excited about The Book Barn. Raechel’s been telling me about it for over a year now and it sounds quite awesome!

      How was the Boston Walk? I was a bit curious about it. But we all were already planning on going to the Manchester Walk and not really up for two different ones within a week of one another.

      • Matt Finnigan says:

        The Boston Walk was good, although a *lot* smaller than the ones in CT. There were still about 6 or 8 foster pups to do the demonstration, as well as a couple of dogs in training. I found a few could-be-twins of Wilma (she’s all-black), and some of them are actually in Somerville, where I live.

        It was definitely a nice morning out.

        • I’ve only been to the last three Walks and they’ve all been at MCC, but the fosters I know remember when the Walk was much, much bigger and at other places so I don’t have much to compare it all to. But yeah, that does sound TINY. There were a lot of fosters in the demo this year at the Manchester Walk, we were all very surprised.

          Good to hear! We had good weather the Saturday before, too.

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