Raechel and me with Yancy, Otis, Dasha, Scarlet, Yara and Nerys

Our last full day in CT was a pretty laid back one, which was rather appreciated since I think both Yara and I are fully exhausted by all our fun activities. Went with Raechel to run some errands and brought Nerys with us. Then we all went to Nita’s for lunch, along with Yancy, and ran a few other errands. Back at the house we took our customary photo of all the dogses, which was quite an experience with “bitey, bitey, bitey dog” in my arms. Little bugger bit me on the nose. Twice! Raechel and I also watched some Witchblade and we had grilled homemade pizza for dinner. It was very cheesy and delicious and an excellent excuse for eating some more of the sauce I made the other day.

Tomorrow we take the train back to Albany, but for now you can check out the HUNDREDS of photos here on this Flickr set. Me? I’m going to go fall into bed.

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