A Trio of Dog Photos

I’m very slowly trying to organize all these photos from my vacation, which led to me poking through my own Flickr stream at stuff. While these have all already been posted here in the corresponding babbly posts about the goings-on at the time, I thought I’d share the photos from the last few years of all of Raechel and James’s doggies.

Me and Raechel with Giselle, Otis, Spock, Yara, Scarlet and Dasha

Raechel and me with Otis, Dasha, Scarlet, Yara and Yancy

Raechel and me with Yancy, Otis, Dasha, Scarlet, Yara and Nerys

I have to say that the first photo was probably the easiest on me; Giselle was (and probably is) a total sweetheart and thus far has been the smallest puppy I’ve had to wrangle. This last one, as I mentioned, wasn’t exactly fun since Nerys bit me a fair few times — on the nose, twice. But I actually have no real memory of taking the second photo, so I guess Yancy wasn’t too bad to handle. I do have to say, though, that Dasha and Scarlet break my heart with the sad faces. You’d think we were forcing them to sit on the hot coals from the fireplace. It also cracks me up that if you see all the “outtakes” from these shots, Yara is the only one who never moves the entire time. Guess shoving a camera in her face constantly does have some merit. ;)


  1. That’s a lot of dogs !!!
    One of them looks like a pug…
    Am I right?
    I’ve had this long standing argument that
    The ‘pug’ is not 100% dog,
    That something else was thrown into the mix.
    Am I right?

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