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List of Things

Thing 1: Still gathering donations for this year’s Walk for Fidelco for any of you interested and most generous folk. I very much appreciate any amount you may wish to give and kindly direct you to this here webpage where you can do so. Alternate information is given there for those of you not wishing to utilize a credit card. And again, thank you.

Thing 2: Next weekend is the inaugural Empire State Book Festival and I am so very excited for this. There are a bunch of really great panels throughout the day (which has made picking what I want to go to very hard). Also, Gregory Maguire is the keynote speaker and he’s doing a signing straight after. So, you know, I’ll totally be there with my copy of Wicked. There’s a literal ton of authors, illustrators, publishers, and other assorted writerly folk in attendance, though, personally I only recognize a handful. Still, a group of my local Nano’ers are planning to go, so should be super fun. I can’t wait.

Thing 3: Registered to attend Albacon. Doesn’t really make up for not getting to go to Dragon*Con again, but maybe it’ll start a trend of me not having to cancel my convention plans. Please? Anyway, have never been to this tiny sci-fi convention, but it’s right here in Albany (thus the clever name) and there’s one full day devoted to a Writers’ Workshop. Not to mention, I like that it’s a very small con since it will be Yara’s very first. So, really, how can I go wrong?

Thing 4: There really isn’t a Thing 4 because I need to skedaddle off to meet a friend for dinner. Sorry.

March 27, 2010

Apparently my life has been pretty dull of late. Except I’ve certainly been busy. Just not in any capacity that feels interesting enough to blog upon. I think this is one of the pros and cons of Twitter. I’ve never been much for blogging every single day — and when I’ve forced myself to do it in the past I usually end up with really random (read: boring) posts. But sometimes there’s just a quick thought or some fleetingly interesting snippet I want to share and for that Twitter’s pretty handy. Unfortunately, that also leaves me with the dilemma of not repeating myself between this blog and Twitter . . . not to mention Facebook!

Anyway, I’m biding my time until May when Yara and I head off to CT. I’m especially looking forward to this vacation since I didn’t end up getting to go to Lunacon as previously planned. And, I recently found out, for the third year in a row I won’t be able to go to Dragon*Con either. On, the brighter side of things, I’m thinking of going to Albacon in October and in about two weeks there is the Empire State Book Festival! Other than that, the only big thing happening is Yara’s yearly this Thursday, my father asking me to read a book for him for school which he then subsequently finished on his own before my order was delivered and the fact that my mother randomly called me this morning. Oh, and I renewed my lease even though I have almost zero desire to stay here, but I haven’t found anything much better and with only a month left I didn’t want to chance it.

So, as I was saying, there really isn’t all that much to babble about here at the moment. I leave you with a cute video of Yara at work from the other day:

Typical Workday

For the most part, being a guide dog means a lot of “down time.” There’s a lot of lying down on the job, which is actually far more boring than you might imagine. Needless to say, Yara doesn’t jive with that at all. So, now and again — and by that I mean freakishly often — she lets off a bit of that pent up energy.

Truly, it’s a dog’s life because you just know I’d never get away with playing with a tennis ball or lounging around at my job!

Late Payment

Earlier this afternoon I got an automated phone call about my past due balance. I was totally shocked since (a.) I’ve paid my cell phone bill and (b.) I haven’t even gotten this month’s bill yet! So, I follow through the prompts hoping to get a human being on the phone, which I don’t. So, I call Verizon customer service. Twice. The first time the rep randomly transferred to the automated bill pay line. But the second person I spoke with was actually competent and listened to me.

Turns out, yes, there is a balance. It’s the balance for the bill that just generated yesterday. You know, that one I haven’t gotten yet?

Anyway, after mucking about for the better part of two hours I find out the automated call was from Sprint. As in my old cell carrier who royally screwed me when I lost my phone last month. The clincher is that I’ve settled that account, as far as I am aware at least, which I was very disinclined to do since they were overcharging me for a bunch of stuff. (And no, they aren’t being very forthcoming in paying me back any of those exorbitant charges.)

In short, I’m developing a serious hate on for Sprint. And while I’ve never before felt the need to firmly advocate against using a company, I’m most definitely at that point now. Ugh. Just ugh!

At Long Last!

If you’ve been following the saga of the thank you card portraits1 you may well understand how very happy I am to finally have these. So, I’ll just get right to it and share ’em!

Together, we are made of adorable! And after Yara was done crawling all over me, my pants were made of dog hair.

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is lying beside me, partially in my lap

Jean joked that this is our “customary photo” because she seems to get this same pose of us every time we get portraits done.

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is sitting to my right with my arms wrapped around her

Yara, looking quite happy with her new fleece lamb toy. Along with her harness and a bag of treats, it served as the noisemaker to get her attention focused on the camera for our shots together. Of course, first we had to get her to stop playing with it and licking the floor. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Yara in harness lying on a sapphire background with her plush lamb toy between her front legs

This shot of Yara with her nose shoved in my leather-bound copy of The Lord of the Rings was supposed to be the oft-mentioned holiday thank you card. Pretty amazing what a single Zuke’s treat in my hand can wield, eh?

Portrait of Yara and me on a sapphire background; Yara is in harness lying beside me, shoving her nose into a book in my hands

This adorable shot of Yara and her fleece lamb toy is part of the thank you card/gift for any donors sponsoring us to this year’s Walk for Fidelco.

Yara in harness lying on a sapphire background with her plush lamb toy beside her head

  1. The shots I wanted were attempted back in November when we had our holiday cards done. Except because of some serious child distraction at the time, we didn’t get many good shots beyond the holiday card. And then things kept coming up and delaying the next appointment, like Yara having hot spots and me getting the flu.