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Hot Spots

Some of you might recall that the last time I spent the night at my grandparents I came home with hives thanks to my aunt’s cats. So, I wasn’t overly surprised when I woke up Saturday morning covered in bites. I don’t know from what, but they were super itchy. Since Yara slept in the same bed, I figured she probably got bit up, too, and have been spending the majority of the last week stopping her from scratching and/or biting herself raw.

Today at work, I noticed a huge patch of matted fur on her back and immediately became concerned. I asked a coworker to help me check out the spot and see if she could find a bite or sore. She checked out the spot — and another smaller one near it — and noted that the larger was bloody. Her thought was that Yara probably had hot spots and I’d caught them before her fur fell out.

Anyway, because we certainly couldn’t leave 2009 without one more trip to the vet, I rushed out of work and had the diagnosis confirmed. Which means that my crazy shepherd is now sporting some very fashionable bald spots on her rear end and has to take antibiotics for the next two weeks. She’s pretty much fine with all of this so far as I can tell and is only moderately sulky that I continue to reprimand her for attempting to chew on herself.

In fact, since arriving home she’s tried several times to sneak away into another room to attempt said chewing. The most amusing of these attempts was when she tried to beat me into the bedroom and literally tripped over herself in her haste. Seriously, I’m still laughing.

Happy Christmas!

May you all have quite the merry holiday season!
2009 holiday card

Right now, me and Yara are chillin’ at Dad’s, enjoying some quality time with him and Keith and Dolly . . . and Keith’s new Wii. Later, we’ll all be headed off to my grandparents’ for more holiday frivolity with the rest of the family. And by all accounts my cousins are super excited about this because I’ve made plans to spend the weekend there, too.


Bathroom with completed glazing on the tiles, tub, and sinkAfter nearly 21 months (and several Code visits) building management fulfilled their promise to glaze my bathroom. The good is that the tub and sink look spectacular! The bad is that not only did they not glaze the entire bathroom or fix any of the broken/cracked/missing tiles, but they still haven’t replaced the toilet. Also, the work done pretty much has left me unable to stay in my apartment until Sunday because of the horrific smell from the glaze and the need for it to “set” for 48 hours — meaning I can’t actually use the bathroom.1 Still anything is an improvement over this, right? Bit over four months before I am free of this shit-hole apartment. I’m trying not to count the days, but I doubt that will last much past the new year.

In other news, I plan to spend today acquiring presents for that fast approaching wintertime gift-giving holiday. How I’ve managed to basically not buy anything yet is beyond me. Also, I still have more holiday cards to send out.

  1. Well, I can use the broken toilet.


Thing 1: Holiday cards should go out tomorrow, if not today. I’ve been working on them very slowly, which brings me to . . .

Thing 2: I had a stroke of brilliance for my potential thank you cards. Initially, I’d hoped to get them done when I had the holiday photos taken, but as I mentioned before there were some extenuating circumstances at the portrait studio that led to me not getting nearly the variety of shots I’d need for that. Which, you know, is a huge hardship for all of us because there is truly a shortage of adorable Yara photos and it is so very hard to rope Jean into taking yet more of them. (Or not.) So yes, be prepared for extra cuteness if you so happen to provide Yara and/or me with something worthy of thanks. ;)

Thing 3: I’m so entirely busy lately, and am appalled at the close proximity of Christmas because I have only just barely begun my holiday shopping. And by barely, I mean, not at all. The few gifts I do have in my possession — and have subsequently wrapped in festive paper — were not initially holiday gifts but rather things I picked up with said persons in mind . . . and then just never got around to gifting them with said thing. I’m truly pathetic. But I feel confident I can rectify this. Especially because of . . .

Thing 4: Building management informed me that today and Friday they will (finally) be working on my bathroom! This means that I am somewhat kicked out of my residence as (1.) the work will take two days and the glaze has to “sit” for 48 hours after it has been completed, and (2.) it smells really awful. As such, I plan to be avoiding home as much as possible, which means I have little excuse not to get to some stores and buy things to wrap in said festive paper.

Thing 5: Luckily, I’d already been planning to be away for the weekend visiting with Dad, Keith and Dolly. This Sunday we’re going to be at The Farmers’ Museum for their annual “Candlight Evening” which is always quite a treat and quite Christmas-y, especially since it almost always snores more out towards my father and that makes any holiday event feel more jolly. So, I’m rather excited for that.

Thing 6: (Or all the stuff that isn’t specifically holiday related, but very much worthy of mention.) Yara is thankfully back on Viokase for good now. After all my reading and reading and reading Goodreads tells me I have 105 more books in my to read shelf and in the last week I’ve received two separate packages that I’m pretty sure contain book presents which will add to this. (Need I mention yet again my own book-buying disease?) I’m now on my 47th consecutive day of writing (something) daily, well probably more than that, but I wasn’t really counting before. Yesterday, I found three separate Civil Service tests that I qualify to take that would, if a job ever materialized from them, be a rather substantial salary hike for me. *squees!*

EPI Woes

I forget if I mentioned, and am too lazy to search my own posts to verify, that recently Yara was put on a new enzyme supplement. I was pretty wary of this decision. Partially because it was basically done without my involvement. But mostly because she was doing fabulous on the Viokase. The only issues we had were if she refused to eat a meal or two because she would be loosing out on the dosage of enzyme she would routinely receive.

Anyway, she’s been on the new generic formula now for just about a month and I’ve noticed a marked decrease in how she’s doing. Initially it seemed she was defecating more, but the color and texture were fine so I mostly thought I was paranoid. Then another week went by and it seemed that she had more of an urgency in her bowel movements — she was very excited and relieved to be outside for our afternoon walk at work, for instance. As that week bled into the next, it seemed that she was having looser stool and she was growing more apparently distressed when defecating, like she was having constipation or diarrhea.

Friends of mine have also begun to notice these issues and on Monday I finally decided to call Fidelco to inform them of the goings on. I also gave my vet a call, whom I had spoken to when the decision to change the enzyme was first made. She was less concerned than I was, but assured me if there were any issues that she would firmly back up my wish to return to using the Viokase. Not surprisingly, I got a bit of a noncommittal response from Fidelco and the specific person with whom I need to speak with has yet to call me back.

But in the last three days I’ve only gotten more concerned for Yara. She’s skipped a total of five separate meals since Monday, including today’s breakfast. She pooped a truckload yesterday, though it was fine in texture and color. But most importantly to me she just seems lethargic and, well, like she doesn’t feel good. I’ve already decided to call into work today to deal with this, but I’m terribly anxious about all of it. For one, obviously, Yara’s not feeling well, and I’m already in a shitstorm with work for all the time I’ve had to take off because of my migraine issues.

I’m kind of stressing out.