Replies, Reactions and Warm Fuzzies

Previously at Gentle Wit there has been an abundance of crankiness and angst about the ongoing situation at EDF. Mostly this is attributed to the fact that all attempts at helping and rectifying the problems have been ignored. Of course, there has also been the occasional flame or accusation of harassment. Personally, I’m tired of sounding so “down in the dumps” especially since I’m in a terribly shiny mood thanks to some rather excellent grad school news – which I will share another time.

So, for our purposes today, I’d like to share some of the more positive responses I’ve received, in specific regards to the letter I wrote to EDF:

“For so long we have written letters, talked to officials, and just felt like we were batting our heads against the wall . . . To have someone who understands what that specially raised and trained dog brings to their lives, is uplifting and will keep us battling on to get this situation corrected. My gratitude to you is enormous . . . You are a ray of sunshine for us and I say thank you and praise you for helping to make a difference . . . Our efforts to see this through should send a message to every blind guide dog candidate; we are in this for you!!!

“Your letter was awesome! You nailed every point and drove it home with force. Thank you for taking the time and penning your perspective and worries from someone who knows better than all of us.”

Honestly, I don’t have much of a reply. I really didn’t get involved in this expecting to be thanked. (Of course I didn’t expect to be accused of harassing anyone either!) I am touched that by doing what really is so very little in such a huge fight can generate such a wealth of enthusiasm and I’m pleased to have been able to contribute. And, certainly I’ll do my utmost to continue doing so and spread the word about EDF.

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