Fighting the Good Fight

Firstly, if you haven’t yet read this post about the situation at EDF, stop right here and do just that. Then start spreading the link far and wide!

Probably this is a telling facet of my personality that I am constantly faced with people who manage to let me down; yet I am always surprised when it happens. In the last week since I was first contacted by the EDF volunteer puppy raiser I have had exactly this happen more times than I can count via agencies and organizations that one would think are supposed to be monitoring and/or fixing things.

GDUI was the first to fall below my expectations — and let it be known that I will be very upfront about exactly this any time GDUI is brought up in my presence. I remain furious at, and ashamed of, the entire leadership of GDUI for being so unwilling to even attempt to aid in this entire situation. And shocked beyond words at the fact they didn’t even see fit to disseminate the information to the thousands of members! But what I have discovered in this last week via my efforts to contact those that could — and should! — do something is that the whole thing is an endless circle of people and agencies that don’t want to do anything. It’s just a game of “pass the buck” that continues to let EDF get away with all of this.

That hasn’t stopped me — and many others — from continuing this fight, though. But what is beginning to irritate me is that while I know the link is being passed around — since I have been closely monitoring my stats — I’m 114% sure that the majority of people reading the post are reacting much like those aforementioned contacts. The “what can I do” and “how can I help” mentality is hard for me to understand since I have clearly listed the exact nature of how one can help! By the way, all of those things listed I have done myself. I’ve also been in contact with the reporter of several of these news pieces, Lions Clubs both local to me and the school, and many other places too numerous to list because I’ve lost track given the flood of emails.

So, I ask you, what have YOU done to help?!


  1. Yes, it is telling about your personality. While your concern about the dogs is commendable, your blog is basically one big immature whine about personal entitlement to special treatment. No one owes you anything, and your intolerance of others (esp. those you work with) is going to catch up with you one day. You seem to be a constant complainer and are a total bore.

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