Of Rental Drama and Other Things

The continuing saga of the June rent continues, yesterday I was served a court petition for not one, but TWO MONTHS plus late fees. I was so infuriated about the whole thing last night I was physically incapable of forming words. I just don’t even know. My certified letter, containing my bank records of payments sent, was sent Tuesday and has probably arrived but has yet to be signed for. Either way I’ll be attempting to reach the manager again today, but I’m sure I’ll be stonewalled by a certain rental agent . . . or I’ll just get voicemail, again.

Yara sitting beside Fay, who is lying down in the doorway of the playhouse at The Little Book HouseI had a doctor’s appointment yesterday regarding the Migraine of DOOM! I was prescribed Treximet, which surprisingly got rid of the headache within about three hours. I’m still wary of it, I’ve had new meds work and then suddenly stop or randomly give me the worst side effects ever. But for now I’m quite chipper, and without a migraine. So yay for that. Oh, also had some paperwork filled out and signed for work, so hopefully one of my nagging issues with all that will now be resolved.

Since I called the vet, I’ve noticed that Yara hasn’t coughed any more. I’ll probably cancel our appointment, unless she suddenly has issues again.

Also had dinner with Sarah and her roommate Julia. We did a bit of shopping and errand running at Stuyvesant Plaza and I snapped this adorable picture to the right of the girls by the playhouse at The Little Book House. I noticed later that it looks like Yara is holding Fay there because her foot is inside of Fay’s leash!

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