Birthday Goodies

Painting of a GSD guide dog from my book of artAnd now a brief interruption in the ongoing retelling of my most legendary vacation so I can babble about some of the really neat gifts I received for my birthday. I’m not usually hung up on the whole gift-receiving thing — and I’m certainly not one to gloat — but I thought I’d share a bit of my glee with you at a couple things.

First off, Jess gave me a most wonderful book on dogs in artwork while we were at the Met. I was quite filled with squee about this just because dogs plus art is cool on any level. And I was quite surprised and pleased that there were in fact a few representations of the GSD in some pieces. But I was absolutely not expecting to see this photo (to the left) of a German shepherd guide dog. How completely cool is that?

My desk at work with all my stuffed GSDsSpeaking of the GSD and guide dogs, though, I’ve apparently started a small shrine to them on my desk at work thanks in most part to Raechel and James who gave me the very cute GSD . . . actually both of those have been presents from them — the little guide dog puppy to the far right in the photo was my birthday gift last year. I think I need to get one of those harnessed guide dogs from GDUI to round out the collection. Hehe!

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes, thoughtful cards, wonderful gifts and, of course, to those that helped make my 30th such a great birthday! I totally heart you all. :-)


  1. lol :) I like your shrine!

    ‘GDUI harnessed guide dogs’
    ZOMG!! Sooooo cute :) *WANT*

    • LOL! You’re as bad as me about this wanting/buying thing, aren’t you? I actually have one of their black labs (but it’s different than the ones they now offer) and the harnesses are very well made and quite good reproductions.

  2. haha :)

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