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The Disturbing Side of Yara

Ok, so I have a secret. Or rather, Yara has a secret.

Since way back during training she has very randomly, uhm, humped herself. I shit thee not. She will, on occasion, position herself such that she is resting on her haunches with her hind legs splayed out from her rear and use her hindquarters and tail to, err, get on with it. It is quite literally the most strange, random, and disturbing thing I have ever heard of or seen a dog do. Also, it is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

Anyway, so she did this shockingly often the first week or so of training and I mentioned it to Megan. I’m fairly certain Megan thought my description was more along the idea of “the scoots” — wherein a dog runs so fast they pretty much drag their tooshie on the ground. I assured her it was far from that, but we mostly wrote it off as it was definitely decreasing in occurrence.

And then! She totally just did it one day after obedience work. Megan and I were on the sofa and Yara started up and I swear to whatever higher power I have never witnessed a human move so fast. She squealed a bunch of things that resembled telling Yara to stop and flew across the room to yank the dog off, uhh, herself. She took a good look at Yara’s rear, determined that nothing was odd . . . or well beyond the behavior itself . . . and well, that was that.

Now and then she’ll just randomly do it. But she has never done it in front of people. (Part of this is because the second she moves remotely into a position she could achieve this, I hastily recall her or something.) I have let the secret slip a few times, though, and Sarah has pretty much made it her life’s goal to be another witness to the strange. And lo! I give you this exceedingly dark video (that was filmed sideways because someone is inept) taken yesterday evening. The hysterical giggling would be me.

I Rule Out No Possibility

There is a distinct possibility that my guide dog is psychically linked with me. The facts are these:

I had an intensely stressful day. To the point where I desperately wanted to console myself with a hot fudge sundae or some type of ice cream treat. I tried distracting myself from this thought, but it kept coming back to me as the stress continued. Interestingly, Yara was very insistent at the corner by my apartment that instead of proceeding to the left — where home and subsequently dinner are — that we should instead go right, into the store there. After trying three times to get her to go left, I realized I am in fact out of ice cream of any sort.

Also, there’s the random fact that before she stumbled Monday afternoon, my right hand was in absolute agony for no apparent reason. When I voiced this mere coincidence to colleagues of mine, they laughed quite hard.

I mean, I’m not saying specifically she’s psychic or that there may exist some uncanny connection. I’m just giving you the facts.

Doggy Booboos

I have come to the conclusion that without exception one of my dogs must be under the weather at all times. Case in point, today.

Sharon and I took a quick walk to let Yara “park” and on the way back to the office she stumbled. As Sharon didn’t mention seeing anything on the ground that might have hurt her, I assumed something had just blown in Yara’s face due to the gale force winds that blow by my office due to its location being situated amongst several tall buildings. Except this stumbling happened three or four more times during the twenty feet or so we walked to get to the entrance. Once inside, I dropped to the floor and examined Yara’s feet only to discover a substantial amount of her right foot pad was ripped away.

Of course because I had to manhandle her and touch the sore foot, Yara made a great show of hobbling her way to the elevator. I dabbed some Neosporin on the wound and proceeded to call her new vet. The short of it was they were concerned enough, due to the location of the injury, that they wanted to see her as soon as humanly possible. So I basically ran out the door right then, dog in tow, to the vet’s office.

The vet determined that the wound was nothing too severe, basically Yara had scraped her pad on something. Since she sometimes steps directly on the injury, it obviously smarts. But she was given the okay to continue working and I was told to clean and Neosporin the wound daily. And, of course, monitor it in case it doesn’t heal or becomes infected or whatnot. Also, the vet wants her to stay off the foot as much as possible — a feat which I’m beginning to think is impossible with Miss Paces-the-Apartment-Relentlessly.

The most amusing part of today, though, was having Yara’s nails cut. She’s always somewhat dramatic about this and will cry and fuss and be a rather humorous pain about the entire thing with few exceptions. Couple in the hurting foot, a new vet and the stranger technician in with us and she was extraordinarily feisty about the nail clipping. I’ve never seen her so bad, but it did have all three of us practically rolling on the ground. In the end, we had to have her lie down, with the tech holding her and me averting her eyes to get her to stop fussing enough that the vet wasn’t in danger of taking a toe off. And she pretty much wailed the entire time. I’m thankful the office was empty; bystanders would certainly have thought we were mortally wounding her.

Quickly Now

We are quite literally running out the door for a portrait session with Jean. You know, the most amazing and wonderful photographer who is responsible for these masterpieces.

There is much w00t to be had. ^_^

EDIT: Ok, first you all can stop claiming I’ve a portrait addiction. I really don’t get them done that often! It’s more that I have an OCD reaction to receiving coupons; I can’t say “no.”

Anyway, portraits were indeed taken. However, they were actually taken by Cindy (who took the photo for our holiday card last year). Will share the pretty when I get the digital prints.