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Lots Going On, But Still No Interwebs

No, I’m not back. I still am without Internet at home. Time Warner hates me. Nothing new there. Moving on. . . .

I happened across this the other day while looking at the Walk website. Literally I nearly fell out of my chair at work. Several of my coworkers thought I’d gone mildly insane when I tried to incoherently explain why there was all the shock and drama going on. But as something like that happens at least once a week and I’ve been ridiculously sick most of the last two weeks no one really seemed too impressed. Anyhow, I thought it was pretty cool that we all made it onto the Walk website; it was a pleasant surprise to stumble across.

Speaking of Fidelco, well, I finally got official word on the reimbursement thing. There won’t be one. I’m not even bothering to get into it. It is what it is. And I’ve enough other things to keep my brainpan busy. (Okay, so I can still obsess about it and be busy, but I’m choosing not to because I’m embracing the not being continuously annoyed and aggravated side of life for the time being.) Also, I got official approval for my May vacation and my packet of information about the Walk showed up Saturday, so I’m all with being distracted about the happy of the fast approaching future. Oh, and I heard the the grapevine (i.e., Twitter) that Raechel is getting her new puppy next month and it’s a female Y! So, Yara’s going to have a mini-Y puppy to romp around with in the backyard come May. Seriously, how cool is that? (I’m still crossing my fingers and toes that Giselle is around when we’re out there, Raechel.)

Anyhoo, there’s much more going on but as I’m running out of lunchtime to type this (because the phone keeps ringing!) I best get going. Will hopefully have Internet access again sometime soon-ishly.