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Fell Down, Went Boom

Yesterday during our routine relieving break/walk at work, I slipped and fell on a slick patch of ice. As history has proven for me, I should have been more alarmed that it didn’t hurt. Especially when not less than two hours later my entire right side was turning an ugly shade of black, blue and yellow and my leg was feeling increasingly stiff and uncomfortable. Admittedly, I bruise very easily but generally such bruising takes a day or so to show for me. (I think it has to do with my low blood pressure/bad circulation thing.) But my pain tolerance is also remarkably high and I’m nothing if not ignorant of my own injuries. So I went about the rest of the day without much complaint.

After the vet appointment and dinner, I finally decided to take a good look at the extent of my bruising and even I was astonished to see that not only my right side from hip to knee was turning interesting shades but also a good chunk of my right forearm and nearly my entire lower back. Now, a smarter person would have thought this would be a good time to go to the hospital to utilize the expertise of professionals and fancy equipment to determine if I’d hurt myself far worse than I’d thought.

But then if I were one of those, this post wouldn’t be working on paragraph three. Instead, I went to bed and tried rather unsuccessfully to sleep. I think at some point I nodded off and wrenched myself in some particularly unpleasant position because I woke up in agony sometime around 10:30 and couldn’t find a position that didn’t cause excruciating amounts of pain.

Needless to say, after a shockingly short visit to the ER, it was determined I bruised my hip bone and tore a ligament in my arm. If you’re keeping track of my numerous long-lasting injuries, this would mean that with the exception of my right leg I’ve managed to sustain permanent ligament damage to every other extremity.1 And I can now add my hip to the growing list of bones I have managed to maim. Because, you know, my tail bone wasn’t the most embarrassing thing to break. Twice.

Decided, quite obviously, to take the day off. Spoke with my supervisor and found out interestingly enough that as this happened on a break used to walk my guide dog, even though I wasn’t physically “at work” it was necessary for an accident report to be filed. My supervisor seemed nonplussed at having to do this over the phone, but I’m pretty sure she spent the majority of the time restraining herself from rolling her eyes out of her head. I’m fairly sure she was having the same reaction my father had upon hearing the sad lack of details I could provide, except I could actually hear his eyes rolling even though he said his peace out loud, too. Is it really that surprising that the only part of the fall I can give a detailed account about is that I slipped and fell? I mean, really, if I had more information than that, probably I wouldn’t have fell!

Truly my life is thrilling, no? ;-)

  1. In 2000 I was in a car accident where I broke several ribs, ruptured the PCL in my left leg, and both broke and tore ligaments in my left arm. To this day, the only real issue is the knee as it’s basically held together with scar tissue and does from time to time ache to an extent that I would gladly gnaw it off if I didn’t enjoy ambulating so much.

Inauguration Day and Miscellany

I’ve so much to talk about and hardly any of it is related to one or another, so pardon the random as this isn’t in any particular order.

I’m not really that into politics, but I readily admit today was an auspicious day. At work staff were able to watch the ceremony in the video conference room this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout. Everyone was very enthusiastic and there was a rousing round of applause after President Obama’s oath and an even larger one at the conclusion of his speech. I think a lot of people find Obama supporters (especially those in my generation or younger) to be idealistic, but I really believe that if we truly strive for all the change that we profess we want then surely it could happen. Historically our country has shown we can do the impossible and I personally don’t think the point of the matter is “if” we can, but the simple fact that we need these dramatic changes! I was very pleased to see these points covered in Obama’s speech. (Which you should absolutely read if you missed the ceremony; it’s well worth it.) I’m very eager to see where we go from here. I was less pleased to see the rampant stupidity raging through my Twitter followers and blogroll. I respect others’ opinions that differ from my own and I don’t think it’s much to ask that you do the same even if you do feel Bush can walk on water or Obama’s going to send the country to Hell. But you don’t need to be nasty about it nor do you need to insult those who don’t think as you.

In part this may be why I decided to forego a bunch of social networks I hardly particpate on and deleted a bunch of accounts. If you’ve paid any attention to the sidebar, you clearly know the places I frequent anyway so it shouldn’t be any great loss. This mass exodus may also partially stem from the cleaning/organization spree I was on over the weekend. I feel quite accomplished. Strangely i don’t feel that my bedroom/office is in any better shape and my livingroom seems oddly empty, but these are hardly things upon which to stress. The organization did alert me to the fact I’d amassed rather a large queue of unwatched DVDs and so I also spent a good deal of time over the weekend working my way through an assortment of medicore to downright fantastic films. At the risk of embarrassing myself with a number either too large or small depending on your point of view, I won’t bother listing them all. Suffice it to say, I did venture out of doors and Yara had a nice romp in the park. From which I’m quite sure we managed to track into my freshly cleaned apartment about half of Albany’s mud. I’m nearly positive that I’m more bothered by this than she.

Yara had her follow up appointment at the vet’s today, where she weighed in at an even 61 lbs.! Dr. Gundersen was very pleased with how she looks, extreme shedding aside, and while she did note that Yara is “lean” and shouldn’t loose any substantial weight, she gave Yara a clean bill of health. We were quite seriously told not to come back before mid-May for Yara’s annual exam!1

I decided not to waste the effort of telephone tag to call Fidelco to update them on this. From what I’m hearing from staff and volunteers I can pretty much give up any hope of ever seeing a reimbursement from the school given their current financial situation. I’d say I’m annoyed or upset but I long since stopped caring to be quite honest. I’m more concerned about the news I’m hearing as it’s quite unsettling.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Dinner is calling my name. Ta for now!

  1. As any earlier visit would mean that Yara was ill and/or had regressed.

“If ignorance is bliss why aren’t people happy?”

Try as I might, I remain a magnet for ignorance. The world that surrounds me can at times be so completely obliviously stupid that I am surprised at my own astonishment by it. Case in point, more often than not the time spent deligating tasks to me at work easily eclipses the length of time required to perform said duties. I sincerely wish it weren’t true, but I find myself bewildered by the very fact. I don’t know if it’s actual incompitence that creates this ridiculous added workload or if my colleagues intentionally sit around and diligently strive to hand off their work. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle. Regardless it is nonetheless the most aggravating thing about working for the state and continually sends me into fits of barely controlled rage.

Venting aside, things around these parts are quite lacking in blogworthyness. I’m still trying to shake this stupid flu-type bug that I acquired and for the most part have been keeping close to home save for work. I did venture out this past weekend, however, and saw Bolt which was quite good. Though, I must admit the most entertaining part of the movie-going experience was observing Yara who found the subject matter of dogs and cats quite interesting. She perked up about 10 minutes into the film and spent the majority of the movie with her head propped upon the armrest in front of us so as to best be able to see the goings-on. Eventually either boredom or discomfort caused her to give up on the idea and she finally fell asleep curled around my feet.

She’s also been shedding a ludicrous amount. I mean clumps! I’ve been brushing her religously and it seems to be making no difference whatsoever. I think she missed the memo that it’s winter or something.

The Woes of eBay

One of the greatest things about being able to order things is that as a blind person I don’t need to get a ride somewhere to purchase things. eBay is one of my main go-to places to find things for a reasonable price. However, it does come with it’s own issues.

Case in point today. I’d won an item I was bidding on and as I was paying for it realized that I hadn’t won what I’d initially thought. As in, it was a DVD and not a Blu-ray copy of what I’d intended to purchase. (Sadly the price didn’t reflect this slight error.) I immediately contacted the seller about the issue . . . the first reply I get was a confirmation that they were shipping the item tomorrow and had given me positive feedback, so I emailed again . . . and they’re reply was, in caps, that he had fees to pay so if I paid him FIVE DOLLARS and gave him positive feedback, they’d act like this didn’t even happen.

Excuse me? I hadn’t even paid yet, so the seller could have gotten his fees back, so that request is just . . . I don’t even have words. And there is no reason he couldn’t cancel the transaction! I emailed the turd back and told him I expect my item as per his own advertisement and promptly paid for the item. I’ll just sell the damn thing myself.

But really what a jerk.

EDIT: Oh, my goodness. He emailed ANOTHER all caps note to me basically pissing and moaning that I was being unreasonable for forcing HIM to eat the cost of his fees. Didn’t I already say just to send me the damn item since I’d paid for it and he wouldn’t refund me? Seriously, people if you don’t know how eBay works, don’t bother selling shit!

[insert witty transition here]

Talked with Robbie today. She was happy to hear that Yara is doing fabulous and reminded me to let Fidelco know when I need my next bottle of Viokase so they can be sure to get it to me in time. She also mentioned that she still hasn’t gotten information on the status of if and/or how much they’ll be able to reimburse me, but promises she will call the moment she does.

Also, yes, I’m still sick. What gives, body?

Depressing Decisions

Called UB today. [Read more…]