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“The Dark Knight”

I haven’t written a movie review/ramble in forever and as I had the misfortune to see The Dark Knight again over the holidays, I thought it’d be a nice way to restart this little blogging tradition even though most everyone’s thoughts have been typed for months now. I should warn you, however, that surprisingly I’m not much of a fan. But let’s talk about the stuff I did enjoy.

Movie poster

I loved the Joker. Period. I’m not really a big Heath Ledger fan. In fact, I think the only other thing I’ve seen him in was Brokeback Mountain, which just goes to show how eclectic my movie watching is. But anyway, I thought he was brilliant. Every single scene he was in completely entranced me. The way he was written, the way he talked, his laugh, his behavior. Spot on. Not a single complaint. I’m only saddened he’ll never be in a sequel.

The returning case for the most part was also great. I’m warming up to Caine as Alfred, though in my head I’ll always think of the character as more prim. Oldman and Freeman were also a treat. I could totally just watch a Batman movie centered on those three. Batman could even be there if he was sans the reverb.

I managed to see this completely spoiler-free the first time and so I’m sure this helped move Two-Face a bit higher for me on the enjoyment scale. His scary face totally freaked me out. I have a few problems with him, which I’ll detail in a bit, but I did enjoy the foreshadowing we got with the coin and was very much pleased with the hospital scene.

And lastly before I start the quibbling, I did enjoy Bale . . . kind of. His Bruce is just the right mix of smart businessman slash philanthropic good Samaritan slash oblivious playboy. I was also pleased with the direction the film took in terms of Batman’s view on Gotham — this undying faith that it’s worth saving (e.g., the “social experiment” on the ferries and Batman’s firm belief that they would inevitably do the right thing). And yet [Read more…]

Seasons Greetings!

Hoping that you and yours have a most blessed and joyous holiday season!
2008 holiday card

After work today I am one busy me; Yara and I have to make a quick pit stop at the post office and then speed off to the mall to nab some wrapping paper. Then, after dinner with Kimmy, I’ll be wrapping and packing with much gusto as right after work tomorrow Craig and I will be motoring off to Hudson for the family holiday festivities. I am due back Christmas Day, though as I’ll be at the mercy of my grandparents I cannot begin to say when.

So, if posting is scarce for the next bit, this is only to be expected.

“Oh goodness, look at my wrist!”

1. Received the DVD and soundtrack for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The musical commentary kills me. Seriously, go buy this. Now.

2. Yara had her last shot this morning. It went astonishingly fine. No crying. No fussing. Nothing. She just sat right there. I wonder if she knows it’s the last shot?

3. Mail is surprisingly fast sometimes. People all over are emailing and calling and texting to say they’ve received packages and cards. Now, if I banked on this one day thing no one would get anything, right? Speaking of mail, look what Raechel gave me! <3

4. Classes are over. Okay, they’ve actually been over. But it’s only just dawning on me. Three weeks of free nights and weekends, baby! What ever will I do with all this excess time?

5. Tomorrow I have some last minute holiday-type errands to run. Ran out of wrapping paper (omg!) and have one more thing to drop off at the post office. Also need to pack. Gah!

Cell Phones, Holiday Cards and Lots of Snow!

My Blackberry up and broke today! Seriously. Out of nowhere it just had a random error and ceased to function. Called Sprint, who were totally not helpful, and the verdict ended up that I’d probably need to do a hard reboot to get it working again. As this would cause me to loose my address book, it was advised I go to the Sprint Store at Crossgates Mall and see if they could salvage any data. Left work early (see below) only to have the Sprint Store be unsuccessful in (a.) retrieving my address book and (b.) fixing my phone. I do, however, have a brand new Blackberry. Too bad I don’t have anyone’s phone numbers to call them!

Picked up my holiday cards! During my hour wait for my cell phone, I wandered the mall, bought myself a chocolate Fribble, and stopped by Penney’s to get my holiday cards. They are indeed adorable beyond words and I heart them greatly. After I am finished with this post and feed Yara, I shall be making them out and they will be mailed tomorrow morning. (As too shall the presents for the Chabot-Weingarts and Adamses!)

It’s snowing! In fact, it’s pretty much blizzarding, if that’s actually a verb. The forecast lead most to believe we’d have a small amount of snow before the afternoon when it was to pick up dramatically. And though the morning proved to have not a flake, come just after noon it started with quite a force! In fact right as it started there were people in my office headed out the door fearing the worst. By 1 p.m. it was snowing so hard it was literally a wall of white and I got permission to take off due to my need to get all the way across Albany to fix my phone. It took nearly an hour to get there and more than that to get back. I spent the majority of my time silently praying the buses would continue to run and I’m thankful they did and I’m not stranded at the mall a la 2003’s blackout!

Increase in Job Placement for NYS Blind

CBVH press release received from ACBNY-L email list:

New York State Office of Children & Family Services
Contact: Edward Borges, Director of Communications 518-473-7793
Dec. 17, 2008


Commission for Blind & Visually Handicapped Placed 402 Legally Blind Adults in Competitive Fields; Increasing Placements for Third Year in a Row

New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Commissioner Gladys Carri?n, Esq., today announced that the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH), a division of OCFS, has successfully placed more legally blind adults in competitive jobs than it did last year – reflecting a three-year growth in job placements.

This year, CBVH placed 402 legally blind adults in fields as diverse as law, social work, financial consulting, family divorce mediation, radio, youth services, physical therapy, counseling, teaching, retail, food services, banking and research.

“When only about 37 percent of individuals with disabilities are employed in this country, it is incumbent upon the leaders of our state and nation to ensure that the disabled community is provided full opportunity to contribute in a supportive environment free of discrimination,” said Governor David A. Paterson. “Our work to confront this problem is only beginning, but I am pleased with the growing recognition that individuals with disabilities have the potential to contribute great things to our society. And with New York facing an economic crisis, it is critical that we give those opportunities to all capable individuals who can help make an immediate and positive impact on the future of our economy.”

“We are extremely pleased that with training and adaptive technology our clients can experience the satisfaction of supporting themselves and their families, and contributing their valuable skills and talents to the workplace,” said Commissioner Carri?n.

She added: “I am also grateful to our public and private partners who assist with training, and all those employers who recognize that our consumers, given the opportunity, make significant contributions to the workforce.”

CBVH works with not-for-profit agencies for the blind throughout New York State to provide assessment and technical, training, job placement, and resource assistance to clients to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency and full integration into society.

Michael Godino, a board member of the New York Vision Rehabilitation Association and a former client, said: “I’d like to congratulate CBVH and its partner provider agencies for their great success. Given the quality of service I received, it’s not surprising to me that the number of people placed in competitive jobs is increasing each year. We look forward to greater successes.”

Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director/CEO of VISIONS Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in New York City, said: “The New York State Commission for the Blind is a leader in providing cost-effective services for blind and visually impaired persons of all ages. The focused interventions and successful collaborations among consumers, providers and CBVH counselors are at the heart of this achievement in employment outcomes.”

In addition to vocational rehabilitation, CBVH assists clients with daily living skills, orientation and mobility training, diagnostic evaluations, obtaining adaptive equipment, job development, job training, and job placement services.

CBVH also operates a Business Enterprise Program, assisting people who are legally blind to own businesses operating newsstands, snack bars and cafeterias in government buildings.

In addition, CBVH provides rehabilitation services to children who are legally blind, including working with and empowering parents, arranging services to supplement educational activities – including providing college scholarships, and ensuring a smooth transition to adult services to maximize their future independence. CBVH also provides children with the opportunity to attend summer camps and year-round recreation programs, which encourage independence and increase self-confidence.

For legally blind individuals who are 55 and older, CBVH has programs to teach the skills necessary to maintain safety and confidence in the home environment.

For more information on services for the blind, call toll free 1-866-871-3000 (TDD 1-866-871-6000) or visit the agency website at

[Read more…]