Week Three

I’ve a ton of things upon which to blog, but I’m just not able to bring myself to do so at the present time. Lots of “life” stuff that’s stressing me out and other such nonsense.

Instead I’ll talk about Miss Yara, who today started her third week of treatment. That meant that she got a B12 shot today, administered by me. This did not go over well. She knew right off that something was up when I tried to give her the injection. She kept trying to walk off or roll onto her back and she cried. Seriously, I think my neighbors are going to call animal control on me. It was heart-wrenching. I felt like the worst mommy ever. I think we’re both not looking forward to next Monday.

Other than that, though she is doing phenomenal. I’d estimate that she’s gained about 14 pounds since starting the treatment. She’s filling out very nicely and several people today expressed in excited tones how they couldn’t see her ribs anymore. It was nice to walk down Washington Avenue today and hear how pretty my dog was rather than have people grumble at me as they passed me by. I also don’t miss the evil stares or the people dragging me out of the middle of crossing streets to accost me.


  1. Poor Yara…I’m sure that in time the shots will become routine to both of you, but it’s always hard in the beginning. I’m glad to hear she’s doing better.

  2. Luckily, she only has five more shots and they are only once a week. So, it’s not really all that bad, but I did feel awful because she clearly was not thrilled about having it even though it clearly wasn’t excessively painful or anything. She’s just so sensitive and such a baby. Poor girl.

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