November 3, 2008

Dr. Gundersen called earlier to give me the results of Yara’s GI test and the good news is that we do have a concrete answer as to her weight loss.

The bad news is that she has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Which means she’ll need to be on an enzyme supplement. For the next month, she’ll be on antibiotics to kill the bacterial overgrowth and probiotics to rebuild the proper bacteria in her intestines, as well as weekly B12 shots for the next two months. The vet also suggested a prescription diet of Purina EN as it’s lowfat and low in fiber, but frankly so is the food she’s on and I think it’s better quality. Not to mention since I switched her to the reduced fat EVO, her stools went from kind of tan and mushy to completely normal. We’ll see on that.

Anyway, the enzyme supplement will probably be required for her entire life and is roughly $150 a month. The antibiotics, shots, and probiotics will hopefully only be necessary for the next month or two. But at this point nothing is certain. Will continue to keep everyone updated as I find out more.

EDIT: Spent over $350 at the vet’s yesterday getting all of Yara’s supplies and her B12 shot. We’ll be going back next week for a quick follow-up and to receive another shot; I’m planning to purchase the other six doses then and administer them myself. Two meals down and Yara seems completely unaffected by all this stuff added to her food, she very happily cleaned her bowl both times. She does seem very interested in all the fuss made over its preparation, she sits in the kitchen watching me aptly.


  1. Poor Yara! At least you know what it is, if that’s any consolation. Hopefully she’ll start getting better soon. Fay sends her love :)

  2. I’m relieved we know exactly what’s up. I’m annoyed it took so long to figure it out. And I’m horrified at how much this has and may continue to cost.

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