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Possibly the Cutest Thing Since EVAR!

Yara hogging the sofa and looking especially cute on her back with her paws tucked up by her face

Well maybe not EVAR but certainly that I’ve witnessed today.

Should Sleep, But First . . . !

Bullet-style update for I am in much need of the sleep thing:

  • Yara under my desk at work, mthodically chewing on her nailsThanksgiving was pretty much the norm for me. All I have to say on that.
  • Fidelco has a Facebook page! And the Walk for Fidelco is already listed as an event! I added the profile portait of Yara to the page because I’m so unabashedly in love with it. ^_^
  • Less in love with the photo on the right of Yara chowing down on her nails, but I must admit it’s convenient having a dog that helps keep her own nails nice and short. I’m not sure which of us loathes the nail cutting drama more.
  • I pre-ordered this and I’m beyond excited about this fact.
  • My ear hurts. Raechel and I were chatting on the phone for more than two hours! I don’t know how that happened since I’m not really much with the long phone conversations, especially since I used to spend my entire work day on the phone. But apparently we had a lot to say because we quite literally talked the entire charge out of both our phones!
  • Jerry emailed me today to let me know he was having some trouble securing a ride for me to the A&T Lions Club‘s holiday party and he asked if I knew anyone who might enjoy attending . . . I naturally thought of Ewan McGregor but as (a.) he’s married and (b.) he doesn’t know me, I asked Sarah. Suffice it to say I’m actually just as pleased with this decision: I get a ride and I am now certain to know at least one person. That is, of course, assuming Sarah’s car decides to cooperate. ;-)
  • As previously mentioned, next week is super busy for me. I’m still pretty tickled about it.
  • That does mean, however, that this weekend shall be solely devoted to finishing my final project for class as I clearly have zero time next week. This would also require the actual starting of said project. . . .

Proper update coming one of these days. Really.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yara sitting in front of the television, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving paradeAs Yara shows rather perfectly in the photo to the right, Thanksgiving is in full swing today and she’s more than ready for it. In fact, the little bugger woke me up at the ass-crack of dawn (i.e., 6:00 a.m.) to let me know that we should be getting on with the day . . . or at the very least commence with the daily breakfast thing. Or maybe she really is that excited about impending family fun and turkey at Nanny’s!

Anyway, here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Two More for the Road

Yara curled into a tight ball with her tail tucked over her nose

Went to bed at 4:00 A.M. because I spent about an hour trying to scrub my sauce pot after burning the pasta sauce I made for today’s dinner. Woke up about an hour ago and have been nonstop the entire time. Fed the dog, took her out, transferred the sauce back into original pot and started cooking it again and did the dishes that accumulated because of the sauce burning. And technically I’ve really yet to start the day! But before I run off, while organizing images and uploading them to Flickr I found these two photos that had never been posted. I’m not sure when either of them was taken, but judging from the file name the above is probably from sometime shortly after the Walk.

Yara lying on the floor, chewing on her plushie fish toy

The above is more recent. Actually I think it was the same day I shot this picture. I had my phone in my hand initially when she was chewing on the fish and then she started rolling around and pawing it and I ran and got the camera, hoping for a better quality image.

Anyway, I must be off. Sauce to finish, salad and garlic bread to be made . . . oh, and probably I should get out of my jammies before Sarah and the girls get here!

Week Three

I’ve a ton of things upon which to blog, but I’m just not able to bring myself to do so at the present time. Lots of “life” stuff that’s stressing me out and other such nonsense.

Instead I’ll talk about Miss Yara, who today started her third week of treatment. That meant that she got a B12 shot today, administered by me. This did not go over well. She knew right off that something was up when I tried to give her the injection. She kept trying to walk off or roll onto her back and she cried. Seriously, I think my neighbors are going to call animal control on me. It was heart-wrenching. I felt like the worst mommy ever. I think we’re both not looking forward to next Monday.

Other than that, though she is doing phenomenal. I’d estimate that she’s gained about 14 pounds since starting the treatment. She’s filling out very nicely and several people today expressed in excited tones how they couldn’t see her ribs anymore. It was nice to walk down Washington Avenue today and hear how pretty my dog was rather than have people grumble at me as they passed me by. I also don’t miss the evil stares or the people dragging me out of the middle of crossing streets to accost me.