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Cleaning Your Computer

I’ve been lurking around the NBR forums for several months now while trying to find my new laptop and I’m continually impressed by the wealth of information there. One thing in particular is this guide to cleaning your monitor. I used the suggested ShaggyMac products to clean my CCTV monitor and am very impressed. I even was able to remove the streaks on the monitor at work that were present since my first day. The grubby sticks are also a handy tool to get all the gunk out of your keyboard — I’m amazed how much Yara hair I pulled out of mine!

I’m also very pleased with the company itself, even if their prices are a tad high. My order arrived within two days of placing it and there were items missing. I emailed them straight away and they sent out the replacement items, along with an extra set of microfiber cloths and grubby sticks. Talk about customer service!

Fun with Irie!

Yara and Irie playing tug with the octopus plush toyThe other day Sarah and Irie came over. Super fun. The dogs got along really well and Irie is so adorably cute . . . and crazy!

Anyway, thanks to the speedy dogs we all took what might be a record-setting walk down to Cafe Madison for lunch. I hadn’t been there in forever, but it was one of the closer places I know of that has outdoor seating and isn’t just a coffee place. We had to wait a bit to get seating outside, since we had Irie with us, but it was beautiful out and very enjoyable just talking. The food was really good and everyone was very interested in both the dogs. Poor Irie kept getting stepped on because she kept moving out into the aisle a bit, but Yara just stuck by my side and people-watched.

Irie lying on the floor working at destroying the octopus plush toyAfter lunch, we walked back to my apartment so the dogs could have some water. And they were super crazy! Irie got so excited she was leaping into the air and running all over. She actually sort of landed on my lap at one point and I was holding my newly fixed sunglasses, which she promptly squashed. Good thing I’m due to get my new pair in about a week, but I think they’re going to laugh when I tell them I broke my sunglasses not even a week after having them repaired!Sarah sitting with Yara who is observing Irie destroying her toy outside of the camera frame

I was really happy that Yara played so well with Irie. She doesn’t get nearly enough opportunity to play with other dogs, and sometimes when she does she’s randomly not in the mood to play. But as you can see above these two had no trouble — they actually destroyed a few of Yara’s toys during their tug-of-wars and chasing. Most notably the octopus.

No big loss, though, since after the dogs tired themselves out we headed off to the pet store to pick up Yara’s food. And also replenish some toys and treats, including a brand new octopus courtesy of Sarah. ;-)

All in all it was a very fun day. I’m sure both dogs would love to make this more of a habit so hopefully we can do this more often in the future.

Couch Potato Cuteness

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I wish I could say it was merely from being super busy, but honestly I’ve just had a large lack of things upon which to blog. But I do have these super cute photos to share, so at least that’s something, right?

Yara lying pressed up against the back of the sofa so she can look out the window

Yara curled up on the sofa with her tail over her nose