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I’m rather low on things to report, I’m afraid. Yara and I’ve been enjoying all our free time these last few days. The weather has been impeccable and we’re certainly not complaining. Getting a lot of neglected housework done and taking lots of leisurely walks through Washington Park. I’ve also been catching up on some reading — finally got around to starting The Children of Húrin which is several thousand kinds of awesome. As well as watching some new DVDs, most notably season two of Heroes. Met up with Bonnie for lunch this past Saturday and that was a blast to catch up with her! She got to get acquainted with Yara for the first time and I think they both enjoyed that immensely. Mostly, we’ve both been enjoying sleeping in every day and I’m quite sure we’ll be far too used to it come Tuesday.

Class officially started today and I think my butterflies are still hanging out in my stomach. I’m kind of glad that our reading isn’t really due until next week as my book still hasn’t arrived. (Oops!) Hopefully it gets here before the end of the week so I can get involved in the discussion board before it becomes impossible to weed through.

I’m thinking of redesigning my website . . . which should strike no one by surprise even though I never finished putting this entire design up. :-p

I should have mentioned this earlier for all the college students that visit here, but it completely slipped my mind. A coworker of mine alerted me to this very fine site, Chegg, where you can rent your textbooks. Not only is it very cheap — I bought mine for more than 50% off — but it’s green, too! By buying less books you’ll be saving trees and for every book that’s rented, Chegg plants a tree.

Working Girl . . . Again

My father started a new job yesterday at a nursing home and during orientation saw a Pekinese run by him. This wasn’t too much of a jolt to him given the many nursing homes that regularly take in rescues or have therapy animals paraded through their doors, but he inquired about the pooch and it turns out said pup accompanies his master daily to work at the home. Without really thinking, my dad blurted out that he is the happy owner of a retired guide dog, whom he is a bit concerned about leaving at home for such long periods as she’s getting on in years and may need to relieve more often and probably should be a bit less of a couch potato. No sooner had the words left his mouth than everyone from administration on down was expecting him to bring her along with him today.

He talked with me about it over the phone last night and in the end he decided it was worth trying out . . . and not surprisingly she was an instant hit there. Dad reports that she schmoozed everyone for attention and food and that everybody has fallen in love with her. He’s still not 100% sure if he’ll bring her continuously because the floors there are very slippery for her and she’s certainly not going to loose weight with every staff person and patient feeding her treats all day long.

Either way I think it’s just brilliant. ;-)


So much has gone on recently I feel at a loss where to begin.

I’ll start with the less pleasant news; I’m unable to adopt the lovely Ragdoll kitten I’ve been gushing about for the last several weeks. Turns out my “slight” allergy to cats has grown rather more severe. After a night at a friend’s house without ever being in the same room as his two cats, I broke out in hives from merely sleeping on his sofa, which had been thoroughly vacuumed recently. Needless to say, I can’t bring a feline home to stay if I’m getting hives from such minimal contact with cat hair and dander. I’m quite upset, compounded more by the fact that the hives have still yet to completely disappear. Thankfully, for the most part I no longer itch.

In other news, I’m gearing up for class to begin next week. I’ve taken the entire week off work so as to have as few distractions as possible. Of course, let us not gloss over the added bonus of my maiden voyage into paid vacations. The fact that I’m getting paid not to go to work is quite thrilling all on its own! Other highlights of the week include Yara’s follow-up at the vet to be weighed once again and my grandparents coming for dinner.

On the subject of my canine companion, I’m both annoyed and proud of her. She’s doing reasonably well in terms of eating, so I’m somewhat complacent about that. But while she has amazed me with some recent traffic checks, including one involving a fire truck, she’s slipped into a really strange habit while crossing intersections that is starting to quite honestly scare me. I’m not entirely sure what’s the cause or even when it all really began, but lately her new habit while crossing streets seems to be that of either walking so fast and pulling so hard she nearly drags me along or not really moving at all. I’m quite stumped and have already given Fidelco a ring about the matter. So we’ll see.

Still it’s worthwhile to mention that we had some really scary awesome traffic checks the last few weeks. It rained so hard one day that the water rushing down the street near my apartment was up to my knees and flowing downtown like a river, but it didn’t really bother Yara much as we practically swam across. I think she was a bit confused at the curb, or lack thereof, and she was far from pleased about the actually being wet thing. A few days afterward at the very same crossing we were very abruptly cut off mid-crossing by a speeding fire truck. I’m not really sure what was up with the that as there was no siren, but Yara didn’t falter a bit and did her best to stop me and push me back like the smart girl she is. We also got to cross a street near my office while not one, or two, nor three, but four tractor trailers zoomed by parallel to us. Quite honestly I think I was more bothered than Yara was, but I still am haunted by the memory of Dolly being startled beyond comfort in the middle of a similar type crossing.

All in all, it’s been a busy while around these parts.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention and I don’t have a photo to showcase at the moment, but Yara’s gotten way darker. Almost all of her has turned black where before she was more sable. Her legs and belly have gone from gray to tan with big black stripes and her hind feet and neck have gotten so dark that the gray fur still visible looks almost white. It’s really wild. I assume it’s due to her loosing her undercoat, but it’s such a remarkable difference.

Octopus or Pillow?

Yara resting her head on her plush octopus toy

You decide.