Archives for June 2008

Quickie Update

1. I’ve been sick for two days now. Thankfully, not with another migraine, which is shocking as I broke my only pair of sunglasses last week. My back hurts. And I have the hiccups. But enough about me. . . .

2. Yara has been eating somewhat better. She’s rather consistently eating her entire six cups of food daily, but she does sometimes refuse some or all of breakfast. I don’t know why. Yes, I’ve tried pretty much everything known to man to entice her to eat.

3. That said, I don’t think she’s gained any weight. My wallet is praying this is true because feeding her has become exponentially more expensive given the amount I’m feeding her now. Either way, I’m convinced she’s not going to “fill out” anymore and have already requested Fidelco to give me a smaller harness body piece because she literally jumped out of the front of it Monday. Her vet appointment is next Tuesday, so we’ll see what the official word is.

4. Patty and Tom have been emailing me puppy pictures of Yara and they are so adorable it’s almost painful to look at them. Also, I have a bunch of other photos to post, including some more from the photo shoot at Penney’s. These will have to wait until another time, though.

5. Bed time; night!