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Portrait of Yara and me on a brown background; Yara is in harness and snuggling up to me and hiding her face from the camera

Yesterday, I picked up the prints from the photos we had taken a few weeks back and they are quite stunning. .I’m sorry to say that my scanner seems to have some serious issues and there is an extremely huge amount of grit that showed up on these images that is most definitely not present on the prints themselves. [EDIT: The scanned images have been replaced by the much higher quality — and grit-free — digital images.] Anyway, below are a few of my other favorite pictures:

Walk for Fidelco

Yara and I had so much fun this past weekend! [Note: Very lengthy and image-intensive post to follow. Big thanks to Patty, Tom, Raechel, and James for sharing all their photos!]

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 29th Birthday to me! :)

Yes, my grandmother sent me two sets of flowers. It’s kind of an involved story that isn’t nearly as interesting as you’d think. But basically I made out because the florist messed up and isn’t that really what birthdays are all about?

Home Again!

Yara asleep on her bed amidst many toys

Yara and I have returned from our weekend away. More details and tons of photos to follow after we’ve both gotten some sleep.

Little Miss Photogenic

Any of you who know me beyond this website1 are keenly aware of how much I loathe and detest packing. I’m not really sure why given how much of it I’ve had to do during my life what with all the moving about I’ve done and traveling between my parents every week when I was growing up. Still, I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to procrastinate when their is packing involved.

So, having said all that, I’ll get to the point of the matter. Yesterday I had some photos taken of Yara and I at JCPenney’s Portrait Studio.2 Yara was an absolute angel and I don’t mind saying that there were a number of beautiful shots the photographer got of her. One in particular is this breathtaking profile of her head that I love so much I ordered a 10×13 print of. She did get just a teeny bit stressed out and started panting pretty heavily — leading to a bunch of cute photos of her with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. And at one point she got incredibly silly and started rolling around on the floor and trying to hide behind me which was quite funny and produced a number of “candid” photos.

All things said and done, I was very pleased with both Yara and the photographer. The pictures were really very adorable and I ended up choosing several prints. In fact, the photographer was so incredibly taken with Yara that she asked if I’d let her hang a shot of her in the studio. In the end, she had just as much trouble picking “just one picture” too and she’ll be hanging up four or five different prints, including a multi-shot print of the two of us. I’m totally flattered. She says the photos should be up by the time my prints are ready so I plan to bring my camera and take a picture of the display, as strange as that sounds. I’m also supposed to be getting (very low resolution) copies of all the shots in the next few days via email, but either way I’ll definitely scan in the prints I ordered to share here. :)

Anyway, I should get back to my packing. My train to C.T. arrives at 8:05 a.m. and I’ve lots to do before then . . . including getting some sleep!

  1. And probably very many of you who do know me only via the Internet.
  2. Think what you might, but (a) it was the first place that didn’t gripe about taking photos of a dog when a “pet photo special” was not currently running and (b) I had a 20% off coupon I found on the Internet.