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Took the girls for one last walk in Washington Park before Dad and Keith picked up Dolly. The weather here today is just phenomenally beautiful; not too hot and just enough of a breeze to keep you comfortable.

Anyway, thought I’d play a bit of picture posting catch-up. These were mostly all taken during my six-weeks of no Internet via my BlackBerry . . . which seems to take dark shots even when the flash goes off. This first one is a favorite of mine from the bunch and for some reason it saved as a super small image. Still, I love this shot of her using her duckie as a pillow. She’s so cute sometimes.

Yara lying on the floor, resting her head on a plush duck toy

Yara curled up on her bed next to a pile of toys

Yara likes to take up all the space ever by my desk. I believe this was taken the day after I accidentally rolled over her ear with my desk chair because she was in just such a spot.

Yara lying on her side in harness on the plastic chair mat at my work desk

Not sure what was so interesting outside the window, but she sat there for hours.

Yara gazing intently out a window

Have I mentioned yet that one of my coworkers felt Yara needed a bed under my desk? Much to my own protesting, she brought in one a few weeks ago. Though, I have to admit it seems Yara’s lost most of her interest in it and I’ll be bringing one of her throw blankets this week. Still, it was a nice gesture.

Yara curled up on her new bed under my desk at work

Yara lying on her side with only her rear half on her office bed

This was from earlier this week. Yara was refusing to eat, so I was bringing kibble in to work and leaving it under my desk to try and get something in her stomach. This just cracked me up when I saw it and I had to snap a shot. Gives new meaning to “breakfast in bed,” no?

Yara lying on her office bed eating her breakfast

Dolly Sitting

My dad comes back from Amsterdam sometime today and he’ll be picking Dolly up on his way home. This last week’s been fun, but I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see her go if only because I could use a good night’s sleep free of sound-barrier-breaking snoring. I think Yara was pretty stressed out having her here, too, which I feel very bad about.

Dolly and Yara curled up together on Yara's bed

But, as you can see above, they do get along well enough. Yara finally got over her need to take every toy from Dolly and I found them both many times contentedly chewing bones next to each other. The bed sharing thing is really cute. Most of the time they go to bed on separate beds, usually the other dog’s bed, and at some point during the night one of them squishes her way onto a different bed. This past night was the first time I caught them both in Yara’s bed. I wish I had been a bit quicker with the camera, though, because they were both asleep and curled up like a yin and yang symbol. It was beyond adorable.

I’d figured the biggest problems we’d have would be feeding and walking. Meal times seemed to get increasingly annoying as Dolly started working up more courage around Yara. She’d continually sneak into the kitchen, though, thankfully she never tried to steal Yara’s food. I was surprised that Yara didn’t growl at her one time this whole week, especially when Dolly was stalking her dinner. Instead, walks were the biggest pain. Both dogs ALWAYS wanted to go out whenever I’d pick up a leash. Even if she’d been out already to relieve. Yara was exceptionally annoying with her bouncing around and whining. I’ve been taking her out second each time because of just this, hoping that she’ll calm down by the time she gets to go out. I don’t think she’s really gotten the clue as it generally takes us ten minutes to get out the door when I come back because I have to keep working with her to not drag me out the door when I open it.

One morning, I suppose I didn’t quite latch the door properly when I closed it as I took Dolly out and Yara managed to get out, too. I didn’t even realize until I subconsciously clued into the fact that I was hearing a lot of extra footsteps. I looked down and there was Yara heeling completely in step between Dolly and me. When I stopped, she trotted off ahead of us and sat expectantly at the elevator. She’s really such a character sometimes. I herded her back into my apartment and decided to try and walk both girls simultaneously for the first time. It went flawlessly and I was able to take both dogs out together from then on. I was plenty pleased about this and quite proud of the girls for being so well behaved.

Double Dog Duty

Today is my father’s 50th birthday and to celebrate he’s taken a trip to Amsterdam. Which means that I’m left dog-sitting for Dolly. This is actually the second time I’ve watched her since retiring her, but this time is a bit more complicated given that I now have Yara. And while both dogs have gotten on reasonably well, there are still a few logistics that I was a bit wary of. The least of which being how I would walk two rather large dogs.

Yara and Dolly lying on Dolly's bed pointedly; Yara is looking a bit forlornly toward the camera and Dolly is pointedly looking off to her left

Yesterday was a test in my own patience and sanity. Both dogs were pretty wild at first — feeding off one another’s excitement and stress. And once they calmed down, they didn’t really seem too happy about the living arrangements. For the most part they’re getting along fine enough. Yara took possession of the loan toy that Dolly had with her, carrying it around wherever she went. Dolly took this in stride and soon worked up the courage to really explore the apartment and easily found a toy of Yara’s to take for herself. She played with it for a good ten minutes before deciding that chewing it to bits while Yara looked on would be way more fun. Not soon after that she found Yara’s stockpile of bones and busied herself with sneakily trying to take each of them. She made a big pile on Yara’s bed and then tried to chew ALL of them at once! Yara seemed to think this was unacceptable, but just looked on helplessly. So, I took a bone each and filled them with treats and gave each girl one . . . two hours later I took the following photo.

Dolly and Yara chewing on filled bones; Dolly is lying on the rug a few feet from Yara who is on Dolly's bed

 The only real fiasco we’ve had has been trying to get walks in. Neither dog wants to be left in the apartment while the other goes out and Yara especially is not doing well with this. She got so worked up the first time I clipped a leash on Dolly that she had an accident right there on the spot, which freaked her out even more I think.1 And when I finally did take her out, she stood around like she didn’t quite understand the concept of relieving herself. Not to mention, the elevator was broken for most of yesterday — I truly thought Dolly was going to die of a heart attack from having to walk up and down the four flights of stairs. When we’d come back inside and were walking back up, she quite insistently wanted to go through the second floor door. I’m not sure if that was merely because the doors all look the same or she really didn’t want to walk up the rest of the stairs. Either way she was breathing quite heavy when we got back to my apartment! Age is certainly a factor, but she’s more than a little out of shape.

Oh, well. Hopefully the weather clears up and I can take them both to the park or something.

  1. Other than being sick a few times, she’s never had an accident inside before save for that one deposit at the foot of my bed

We’re Back!

And more than a month later, Internet is finally hooked up here at the new apartment. It’s an intensely long story and honestly hardly worth the telling. On an even brighter note, though, I’ve just purchased a brand new computer!

In fact, there’s quite a lot of good to fill you all in on; so much even that it’s hard to know where to even begin. The best news of all, I think, is that I’ll be starting class online with SUNY Buffalo this fall.

For the most part, life here in Albany has mainly revolved around work. Yara’s been doing quite well and we’re both thoroughly enjoying living at the Elouise. It’s almost hard to believe that not so long ago we were crawling out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to get to work whereas now we’ve got a bus stop right out front of the building that is less than a ten minute ride from my office.

Anyway, there’s a bit of housecleaning to do here at Gentle Wit, including upgrade WordPress, so a proper update will have to keep for a bit. :p