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Computer Go BOOM!

I had intended to mention in my last post that further updates would be sporadic at best due to the move being less than a week away, but right after I posted it my computer died a pretty grim death. It comes as hardly a surprise. I’d already decided that once things were settled at the new place I would most definitely be upgrading my very old and maddeningly slow laptop and probably the currently very dead desktop, too. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything new around here for a few weeks. Hopefully we’ll be back fairly soon!

ID Card — A First

Yesterday, my mother, half-brother and I went out to a local Chinese restaurant to celebrate Li’l Bro’s birthday and I was quite shocked when the owner came over to me asking for my “dog card.” Through some amazing stroke of luck foresight, I had taken the card out of the depths of my wallet and stuck it in my jacket pocket back at home. The woman took one quick glance at it, thanked me and walked off, leaving me sitting there quite shocked at the entire set of events.

In the eight years I had worked Dolly I had never once been asked for any form of ID to prove she was a guide dog. Granted, I can count on one hand the number of access issues we had had over the years, but even of those her status as a guide dog was never contested. Ironically, it’s probably a good thing I was never asked to produce the card GEB had made for me as I’d lost it sometime rather soon after training what with all the moving a college student does.

Admittedly I’m not an expert on the intricacies of access laws, but I didn’t think it was legal to require that one produced “certification” of a service animal’s status. Then again, this was told to me years ago and I’m certainly not saying I recall all the chatter I’d heard about the subject correctly nor that it wouldn’t have changed. Either way, I’m quite glad I thought to bring my card with me and more that the restaurant owner didn’t make a big fuss about Yara.

Pack . . . Dog?

Yara lying on top of a large heap of blankets and assorted laundry

March 3rd isn’t far off and we’re in full cleaning and packing mode here . . . or at least I am. Behold, Yara’s contribution to Project Laundry.

No, before you ask, I don’t make a habit of letting laundry accumulate to this huge amount. In fact, there’s only one load of actual dirty laundry there. The rest is blankets and towels and such that I’m too anal retentive to pack without first washing them. Plus, I had to clean out my closet anyway.

And Then There Was Great W00T!

It’s official; Yara and I are moving.


The Meaning of “Day Off”

Someone needs to teach Yara what having the day off means, seriously. She’s just so . . . I don’t have a word for it really. Anxious I guess. I don’t know. She’s been walked and had a rousing game or six of fetch. She’s happy enough to lie down by me if I call her to me, but only for so long and then she wanders off and does that pace my whole house thing she’s famous for when she is waiting for something. At least she isn’t whining . . . much.

What cracks me up, if we were at work she’d most probably be asleep right now. Definitely she wouldn’t have all this nervous energy that I can’t seem to expend. I’m not really concerned so much, I kind of understand it’s just her feeling we should be doing something or going somewhere. But I wish I had some way to settle her down. It’s kind of annoying in an amusing sort of way.

My entries are so blah lately, I’m sorry. :-(