Our First Follow-Up

Yara’s new thing with food is to remind me every five seconds while it soaks that she would like her food. She paces around the house the entire time it soaks and will come up to nudge me with these sad eyes. I can just hear her little doggy mind saying, “Hey, Mom, my dinner’s on the counter. Don’t forget, okay?” After she has finished eating, she searches the house for her bone and lays down by me chewing it. One could argue that she’s cleaning her teeth, but Dolly used to do the same thing and I always took it as dog-speak for, “I’m hardly satisfied by the previous meal.”

Anyway, this morning Tommy was here for our first follow-up visit. We talked some about how things are going both in and out of harness and then took a decent walk downtown. All in all, he seemed very impressed with us as a team, noting that we seemed more like we’d been together for many years and not just over five weeks. I totally agree, I’m still incredibly impressed with how smoothly things have been with Yara and how quickly we’ve settled with one another. Basically, the only things he said I should work on are to keep on her when she’s “charging forward.” He suggested, aside from corrections alone, to stop prefacing commands with her name as it seems to be building her anticipation and excitement. “Whatever you’re doing with her,” he said, “keep doing it. It’s working.” I think that made my whole day, seriously.

Back home, Yara headed straight for her bed and crashed. Really, you’d think she’d run the Boston Marathon. Funny girl.

In somewhat unrelated news, and in answer to some questions I’ve received, yes I do plan to finish adding the other sections to this site . . . just not right now. But sometime, yes!


  1. Sounds like you guys are doing really good :)

  2. I can’t stress it enough that even I’m pretty surprised at how new a team we are and how well things have been. Granted part of it is due to the fact this isn’t my first dog and she’s a different breed, but I expected this entire training and transition period to be much more difficult.

    It’s definitely nice to hear other people, especially an instructor, say likewise and commend me for it. I’m glad things have worked out so well with Yara; there’s always a tiny bit of paranoia that a dog won’t work out and it’s really rough when you’ve already begun bonding.

  3. Great to hear all is going well with you two, keep up the good work ;o)

  4. Thanks, Wendy! :)

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